Small acoustical research projects


In the collective research project, various building material products (mainly prototypes) of different manufacturers, are acoustically characterized, optimized, and prediction models of their acoustical effects are developed.

Research Question

Within the scope of the project, various wall and ceiling structures in heavy- and lightweight construction, acoustic ceiling systems, acoustic fabrics and materials, lightweight design office partitions, heating and cooling ceilings, ventilation systems and material test specimens, among others, are investigated. The main acoustical parameters considered are: airborne and impact sound insulation, structure-borne sound transmission, sound absorption, sound power, impact sound reduction, dynamic stiffness, specific flow resistance, and dynamic modulus of elasticity.


The research is mainly carried out in the acoustic test facilities, for example, the wall test stand, flank test stand, reverberation chamber, window and door test stand, at the HFT Stuttgart in the Centre for Building Physics (ZfB). Through combination of the different test facilities with the numerous airborne and structure-borne measurement systems, all common measurement methods can be applied. To tackle acoustic issues, especially in the field of product optimization, special measurement setups and a specific adaptations or extensions of the usual measurement methods are carried out.

Targeted results

The main objective of the project is to support manufacturers with little experience in acoustics and lacking test facilities in the acoustic optimization of their products. Through the cooperation of the HFT Stuttgart in national and international standards committees, the findings can be directly incorporated into standardisation.

ManagementProf. Dr. Ing. Berndt Zeitler
Partnervarious industrial partners (mainly building materials industry)


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