Minister Petra Olschowski and Minister Hermann visit the MobiQ Real Lab Project

As part of her summer tour, Petra Olschowski, Baden-Württemberg's Minister of Science, Research and Arts, is learning about the current state of research on topics of greatest relevance to society

These include the areas of climate-friendly mobility and urban development, as well as careful resource consumption and artificial intelligence (AI). On 06.09.2023, she visited the MobiQ reallabor project. During the joint appointment with the Minister of Transport, Winfried Hermann, at the Geislingen site, the topic of jointly supported sustainable mobility was the focus of interest.

After presentation of the methodology and results at the three different locations (Geislingen, Stuttgart-Rot and Waldburg) by the entire MobiQ team (HFT, HfWU and Öko-Institut), Science Minister Petra Olschowski was pleased with MobiQ's participatory approach: "Most of the time, it sounds like it's all about technical development. However, a change in social awareness in the sense of a new mobility culture is just as necessary." Transport Minister Winfried Hermann added that what matters is not only environmentally and climate-friendly mobility, but one that is "affordable and suitable for everyday use." As an interface between science, business, politics and society, the project makes an important contribution to ensuring that the mobility turnaround in Baden-Württemberg progresses quickly and in a socially just manner, both emphasized. The next step is to make the MobiQ projects permanent and to spread them across the board. Hermann agreed: "We need to get out into the field with great projects like this."

Publish date: 15. September 2023 By Barbara Hefner ()