University Technology Malaysia's Visit to HFT Stuttgart

September 11, 2023

It was a day of academic exchange and fruitful discussions as Professor Alias Rahman from the University Technology Malaysia, accompanied by three of his outstanding PhD students, embarked on a visit to the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart. The visit aimed to explore potential collaborations and share research insights in the realm of smart cities and geospatial data.

The visit commenced with a delightful city tour in Stuttgart, organized by the HFT Stuttgart team, providing a unique opportunity for Professor Rahman and his students to witness firsthand how Augmented Reality (AR) technology is being employed for public participation in the case study area of Leonhardsplatz. This immersive experience showcased the innovative approachesin enhancing citizen engagement and urban planning.

Returning to the City Demonstrator room, Professor Coors and his research group at HFT Stuttgart eagerly shared their diverse research initiatives and projects focused on the development of smart cities and the utilization of geospatial data. 

Following the insightful presentations by Professor Coors' team, the spotlight turned to the visiting PhD students from University Technology Malaysia. Each student had the opportunity to briefly present their research topics, shedding light on their respective areas of expertise within the field of land management and point cloud segmentation. The ensuing discussion was characterized by a dynamic exchange of ideas and perspectives. The two research teams engaged in enthusiastic discourse, exploring potential avenues for collaboration and joint research initiatives. The shared commitment to advancing the knowledge and applications in the domain of smart cities was palpable, creating an atmosphere conducive to future collaborations between University Technology Malaysia and HFT Stuttgart.

Professor Alias Rahman expressed his appreciation for the warm welcome and the enlightening insights gained during the visit.

Publish date: 04. October 2023