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„Train the Scientist” – successful research communication

Premiere for new event series

„Train the Scientist“ is an event series, which teaches research communication competences. The first workshop took place at the end of September: „Successful communication with journalists." Prof. Dr. Alexander Mäder, a research journalist, was invited as the speaker and expert.

"The HFT should become more visible" - this wish is often expressed by scientists. This is why the M4_LAB transfer project at the HFT Stuttgart, in cooperation with the Press and Marketing Department and the Didactics Centre, has launched the "Train the Scientist" series of events.

How can research expertise and results relevant to society be disseminated to the general public? Science journalist Prof. Dr. Alexander Mäder provided the participants with first-hand information on strategies for cooperation with the press. For many years, he headed the science department of the Stuttgarter Zeitung, was editor-in-chief of Bild der Wissenschaft and editor of the Berliner Zeitung. Today he teaches at the Stuttgart Media University in the course of studies Crossmedia Editorial/Public Relations.

In order to communicate successfully with media representatives, a change of perspective was particularly helpful: How do editorial offices work in everyday life and how do they prepare information in their articles? Which explicit and unwritten rules prevail when dealing with the media? The researchers used the interview training to prepare themselves for practical work.

The workshop aimed to break down inhibitions towards the media and to create a desire to actively engage in science communication. Those who were unable to attend the event will still have the chance to further their education. It is planned to make the content available to all scientists* in a digital course with video, audio and text formats.

The series "Train the Scientist" will take place several times a semester on different topics. The next events will deal with law and data protection in the use of social media. The offer is aimed at all interested teachers and employees of the HFT.

Publish date: 06. October 2020 By Susanne Rytina ()