Dialogue between research and soeciety

How can Universities of Applied Sciences and citizens come together?

It's a task and part of the Third Mission of German Universities of Applied Sciences to share research with the society. To help the Universities of Applied Sciences in the implementation, the Robert Bosch Stiftung has published a guideline. Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäumer, Professor and dean at HFT Stuttgart was part of the process.

Prof. Dr. Thomas Bäumer, Professor and Dean of Studies at the HFT Stuttgart, had previously taken part in the event "Mensch Wissenschaft" as one of the representatives of science and had first presented his research in the field of cycling in the Stuttgart Metropolitan Region in a short lecture and then discussed it with the wide-ranging audience. "So it was less like a lecture where I tell something and the others learn something, but rather an open dialogue," said Bäumer.

The experience gained with the "Mensch Wissenschaft" event format in the exchange with citizens was processed in the guide and provided with a toolbox that is intended to support universities in entering into dialogue with a large audience themselves.

The resulting guide to the project "Mensch Wissenschaft! Talking to each other, learning from each other" can be found here.


Publish date: 12. August 2020 By Philipp Kleiber ()