Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Roland Dieterle


Prof. Dipl.-Ing. Roland Dieterle
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Founder & CEO of Spacial Solutions GmbH, Munich

before: Lead Architect, Siemens AG

Architecture and Design
Master Smart City Solutions
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flexibly available by email: or phone +49 171 55 04 606


  • Architect Roland Dieterle has gained profound practical and methodical knowledge over a long period of time and over a range of experience, which largely exceeds the typical scope of an architect. With a great number of buildings and projects all over the world and for different tasks - comprising all sizes and dedications -  he gave evidence of his capability and commitment, not only to design  complex large-scale projects, but also to organise and to realize these. Thereby Roland Dieterle has immensely benefitted from his long-term design and management practice as the leading architect in a global company  - here he developed his integrated and deep understanding of sustainability issues for infrastructure, urban and building projects.  Furthermore his professional expertise profited from the cooperation with world famous architects, from versatile teaching experiences as a professor and also from his mastery gained in various craft trades prior and during his studies. Recently Roland Dieterle has developed the first of its kind academic programme ‘Smart City Solutions’ in cooperation with internationally operating Engineering and Business consultancies (Launch in 2018)

Company Projects

  • ​ ​​Projects (Selection) ​2018-​Thermal Bath in Bad Brückenau, Germany ​2018-​Digital Factory, Waiblingen, Germany ​2017-​Affordable Housing & Industrial Park; Reutlingen, Germany ​2017-​Smart Village ‘Schönbühl’ / Stuttgart, Germany (250 residential units, social and technical infrastructure; energy self-sufficient, smart working and smart mobilityconception) ​2014–2017​Residential Tower and Smart Mobility Research Center, Tübingen, Germany ​2017 ​Masterplanning STIHL sites in Germany (strategic vision 2035) ​2016-​200 Residential Apartments in Munich, Hanns-Seidel-Square (under construction) ​2014-​Residential Park ‘Schieferterrassen’(160 residential units, Reutlingen, Germany ​2014-​Restructuring Masterplan & Technology Center, Graphit Kropfmühl, Germany ​2013-2014​Villa in Weßling, Germany ​2013–2016​Research & Development Center, STIHL, Waiblingen, Germany​ ​2010- ​Aqaba Oasis Resort; Ecological Masterplanning & Design; 230 ha  ​2010​Student Residence, Weiden, Germany (Honorary Mention) ​2010​Hanns-Seidel-Square, Munich, Germany (Urban City Center; 1st Prize) ​2005–2016​Environment-friendly Convention Complex (capacity: 5000 delegates) with 300 key 5* Hotel in Kigali, Rwanda, (size: $350 Mio) ​2005-​Business & Resort Hotel at Kivu Lake, Rwanda ​2006-2010​Headquarters Siegle+Epple in Weilimdorf, Germany ​​(Geothermal Airconditionning; 35 KW / sqm/ year) ​2009​Oil Supply and Service Center in Tripoli, Libya (Draft) ​2008​Rwanda International Trade & Exhibition Park in Kigali, Rwanda (1st Prize) ​2007​Residential Park in Kigali, Rwanda (Draft) ​2007​Cultural Project Marstall in Munich, Germany (1st Prize) ​2005-2006​Factory for Power Tools (Stihl) in Qingdao, China ​2005​ International Film City in Marrakech, Morocco (Draft) ​2004-2008​Residential Park Corrensstrasse in Tübingen, Germany ​2003​Hydropolis-Resort in Dubai, UAE (Draft) ​2001-2003​Siemens Headquarters (for Siemens Ltd.), Singapore ​2000-2003​Villa in Lisbon, Portugal ​2002-2003​Extension Siemens Headquarters in Mumbai, India ​2000-2001 ​Design Centre (for Infineon AG) in Villach, Austria ​1997-1998​Siemens Headquarters in Cairo, Egypt ​1996-1998​Semiconductor factory (Infineon AG) in Oporto, Portugal ​1995-1996​Extension of Siemens Headquarters in Beijing, China ​1995-1997​Residential Park for Expatriates in Beijing, China ​1995-1997​Extension of Siemens Headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina ​1993-1997​Masterplan & Extension of Siemens Headquarters in Lisbon, Portugal ​1989-1991 ​Office Park in Munich, Germany ​1989-1991​Operation Centre (Siemens AG) in The Hague, Netherlands ​1985-1988​Factory of the Future (Siemens AG) in Munich, Germany ​1982-1983​Office Tower for Messe Frankfurt at Practice O. M. U


Roland Dieterle was elected Chairman of the Advisory Board of the Smart City Solutions master's program in 2022