Dr. phil. Harald Strauß

Dr. phil. Harald Strauß
Architecture and design

Social sciences, sustainable development, ethics, propaedeutic subjects

  • 2007 until 2009

    Academic assistant at the University of Fine Arts Hamburg

  • since 2009

    Freelance communications consultant and editor

  • since 2013

    Lecturer at HfT Stuttgart

  • since 2018

    Professor of Communication and Media at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences in Communication and Design

  • 2016

    Der bearbeitete Planet. Systematik, Ethik und Ökonomik der Nachhaltigen Entwicklung. [The processed planet. Systematics, ethics and economics of sustainable development.] Berlin: Parodos

  • 2021

    gem. m. Lenhart, P./Wulftange, M./Zahn, M. (Hg.): Übertragungen. Zur Politik der Beziehungen [Transferences. On the politics of relations]. Berlin: Parodos

  • 2018

    Wertformen, Kapitalmetamorphosen und die diskrete Semio-Ökonomik des Geldmediums [Forms of Value, Capital Metamorphoses and the Discrete Semio-Economics of the Money Medium], in: Schröter, Jens (Hg.): Marx als Medientheoretiker, peer-reviewed, in: Maske und Kothurn, 1-2/2018

  • 2019

    Legitimationsprobleme und Tauglichkeit kollektiv geplanter präventiver physischer Gewaltanwendung [Legitimacy problems and suitability of collectively planned preventive use of physical force], peer-reviewed, in: diskurs Bd. 5/2019

  • 2021

    Gebaute Zukunft heute. | Built future today. Nachhaltige Wohnbauten. Holz. Sustainable housing. Wood. Berlin: Wissenschafts-Verlag

  • 2022

    Intercultural Understanding in University Teaching. Exemplified by a Project with Cooperation Partners in the Danube Region. Berlin: Wissenschafts-Verlag

  • 2017

    Nachhaltige Entwicklung denken lernen [Learning to think sustainable development], in: Stockman, Antje/Uhl, Elke (Hg.): Zukunft der Mobilitätskultur. Stuttgart: IZKT Comparatively Rich and Reactionary: Germany between Welcome Culture and Re-established Racism, peer-reviewed, in: Critical Sociology, Vol 43/1

  • https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Harald-Strauss-2

Company Projects
  • since 2009


  • 2017

    Editing: Smart City Charter Bundesinstitut für Bau-, Stadt- und Raumforschung i. Dialog-Basis Dettenhausen | Bearbeitung: Antrag SpinnoMotionSüdwest Hochschule Reutlingen | Bearbeitung: IntegFINISH: Schneller poliert im Formenbau ARTIFEX Dr. Lohmann GmbH Kaltenkirchen Werbelektorat mbvans Aufbau+ i. A. L2M3 Kommunikationsdesign GmbH Stuttgart

  • 2019

    Editing: Documentation of the Smart Cities events at the 12th Federal Congress of National Urban Development Policy "Together in Social Responsibility for City and Countryside" from 17 to 19 September 2018 in Frankfurt am Main i. A. Dialog-Basis Dettenhausen | Concept & Text: Module for the LpB Moodle course: Democracy goes digital. Landeszentrale für politische Bildung Baden-Württemberg | Editing: Data protection in child day care facilities - for the protection of the child. Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport Baden-Württemberg - Ministry of Education and Cultural Affairs.

  • 2020

    Editing: KEFF-Fallbeispiele Umwelttechnik BW GmbH Landesagentur für Umwelttechnik und Ressourceneffizienz Baden-Württemberg | Editing: Criteria Catalogue Building Deconstruction. + Criteria catalogue for buildings in operation. + Framework for climate-neutral buildings and sites. + Guideline. Your path to a climate-neutral building. + Criteria catalogue for neighbourhoods. German Sustainable Building Council - DGNB e. V.

  • 2021

    Editing: KEFF case studies + proofreading | Editing: Feasibility study Abgasraffinerie Umwelttechnik BW GmbH Landesagentur für Umwelttechnik und Ressourceneffizienz Baden-Württemberg | Communication strategy & copy: Pure Air Systeme ARI GmbH St. Wendel

  • 2022

    Editing content: Building-integrated photovoltaics BIPV initiative Chamber of Architects Baden-Württemberg


Freelance communications consultant and proofreader:
Textbureau Strauss
Freibergstr. 66
70376 Stuttgart