Prof. Dr. Bastian Schröter

Prof. Dr. Bastian Schröter
Centre for Sustainable Energy Technology
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Energy technology, energy economics, water-energy-nexus

  • Since 2016

    Professor for Energy Technology

  • 2014-16

    Project manager technology benchmarking, Siemens Corporate Technology, München

  • 2010-12

    Ph.D, Wissenschaftszentrum Umwelt, University of Augsburg (Prof. Dr. A. Reller). Dissertation topic: Investigation of interdependencies of water and greenhouse gas emission pathways at countrly level

  • 2008-14

    Consultant and project manager, McKinsey & Company, Munich

  • 2002-07

    Diploma (M. Sc. equivalent) in physics , University of Jena, University of Grenoble, LMU Munich; Thesis topics: Molecular Recognition with Toroidal Microcavities, Max Planck Institut for Quantum Optics, Garching (Prof. Dr. T.W. Hänsch)

  • 2021

    Steingrube A, Bao K, Wieland S, Lalama A, Kabiro P, Coors V, Schröter B (2021). A Method for Optimizing and Spatially Distributing Heating Systems by Coupling an Urban Energy Simulation Platform and an Energy System Model, Ressources 10(5), DOI 10.3390/resources10050052

  • 2021

    Fischer T, Biesinger A, Schröter B (2021) Simulationsplattform SimStadt: PV-Potenzial einer Industrieliegenschaft simulieren und bewerten. ew - Magazin für die Energie-Wirtschaft, 03/2021

  • 2021

    Bahret C, Köhler S, Eltrop L, Schröter B (2021). A case study on energy system optimization at neighborhood level based on simulated data: A building-specific approach. Energy and Buildings 238(100):110785, DOI 10.1016/j.enbuild.2021.110785

  • 2021

    Bao K, Schröter B. Urbane Energiesysteme und Ressourceneffizienz - ENsource, Kapitel SimStadt. Fraunhofer-Verlag, 2021

  • 2021

    Köhler S, Sihombing R, Duminil E, Coors V, Schröter B (2021). A Multi-Scale, Web-based Application for Strategic Assessment of PV Potentials in City Quarters. In 10th International Conference on Smart Cities and Green ICT Systems, DOI 10.5220/0010406201100117

  • 2020

    Bao K, Padsala R, Coors V, Thrän D, Schröter B (2020). A Method for Assessing Regional Bioenergy Potentials Based on GIS Data and a Dynamic Yield Simulation Model. Energies 2020, 13(24),  DOI 10.3390/en13246488

  • 2020

    Bao K, Padsala R, Thrän D, Schröter B (2020). Urban Water Demand Simulation in Residential and Non-Residential Buildings based on a CityGML Data Model. ISPRS Int. J. Geo-Inf. 2020, 9(11), 642;

  • 2020

    Heendeniya C, Köhler S, Schröter B (2020). Concept for soft-linking a multi-energy system co-planning model to an urban energy simulation platform. Proceedings of the 8th conference of IPBSA Germany and Austria

  • 2020

    Dochev I, Gorzalka P, Weiler V, Schmiedt J E, Linkiewicz M, Eicker U, Schröter B, Hoffschmidt B, Peters I. 2020. Comparing different approaches to urban modelling and energetic assessment of a city quarter of Berlin, Energy and Buildings, Special Issue on District and urban-level energy efficient building communities

  • 2020

    Bao K, Padsala R, Kesnar C, Coors V, Schröter B. 2020. GIS-based assessment of regional biomass potentials for heat and power generation at the example of Ludwigsburg county at 28th European Biomass Conference, Marseille

  • 2019

    Mittelstädt, A, Köhler S, Kesnar C, Sihombing R, Duminil E, Coors V, Eicker U, Schröter B. 2019. A multi-scale, web-based interface for strategic planning of low-carbon city quarters at 2nd International Conference on Urban Informatics, Hongkong

  • 2013

    Siemens, McKinsey. 2013. Opportunities for Germany’s energy transition – What can Germany learn from selected international case studies? Retrieved from

  • 2012

    B. Schröter. 2012. Examination of interdependencies between water and greenhouse gas mitigation pathways on country level (doctoral dissertation). Retrieved from University of Augsburg library (urn:nbn:de:bvb:384-opus4-20453)

  • 2011

    Dobrindt JM, Karpf S, Krysiak S, Schröter, B, Nickel, B, Rädler J, Kippenberg TJ. 2011. Dispersive single particle sensing with µs time resolution using toroidal microresonators. in CLEO/Europe and EQEC 2011 Conference Digest, Optical Society of America Technical Digest (CD), paper JSIV1_5

  • 2010

    McKinsey. 2010. Transformation of Europe’s power system until 2050, including specific considerations for Germany.