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Winter semester 2021/22: Students honored for special achievements

Awards at the HFT Stuttgart

The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences honored numerous students for their outstanding achievements at a ceremony on May 11, 2022. In the following, we would like to introduce this year's award winners.

The Joseph von Egle Award for the best bachelor's degree, endowed with 1,000 euros, goes to Marlies Goes from the Information Logistics bachelor's degree program. (The program will be renamed Digitalization and Information Management in the winter semester 2022/23).

Egle Award winner in the winter semester 2021/22

In her thesis, which was also graded with a 1.0, Goes dealt with the topic "Success Validation for Robot Based Assembly Using Supervised Machine Learning".

An assembly robot equipped with artificial intelligence must be told whether a task has been completed successfully or not. As part of his bachelor's thesis, Goes was able to use sensor data from a robot arm, such as position and force application, to train an artificial neural network. Through this path, the network learned how it "feels" when the robot has reached its goal.

Marlies Goes describes her path through her studies here...


Other award winners:inside

Knödler-Decker Prize (700 euros each)

Kay Bodenschlägel, Master's program in Building Physics Marie Rünzi, Master's program in IMIAD Martha Berndt, Master's program in Mathematics


Insurance Companies Prize (1,000 euros, awarded on May 25, 2022):

Annika Lehnert, Bachelor's program in Mathematics


Association Friends Award (300 euros each):

Annabelle Geiger, bachelor's degree program in construction physics Jens Lehle, bachelor's degree program in business administration Clemens Müller, bachelor's degree program in climate engineering Jonathan Hiller, bachelor's degree program in surveying and geoinformatics Niko Majovski, bachelor's degree program in surveying and geoinformatics Ramona Riegler, bachelor's degree program in business psychology Laura Milazzo, bachelor's degree program in business psychology


Prize Bund Deutscher Baumeister (500 euros each):

Madeleine Bode, Bachelor's degree program in Infrastructure Management Simon Riekert, Bachelor's degree program in Industrial Engineering Construction and Real Estate


Prize Novatec GmbH (200 euros)

Thanh Luong Giang, Master's degree program in Software Technology Armin Frasch, Master's degree program in Software Technology


The RVC prize for social commitment goes to

Julia Gorges, Bachelor's degree program in Business Administration


Book prizes go to

Paula Weil (Bachelor of Architecture), Felix Steinke (Bachelor of Computer Science), Theresa Stroppel (Bachelor of Surveying and Geoinformatics), Jan Beez (Bachelor of Business Informatics), Gabriela Mirza (Bachelor of Business Informatics), Helena Boenke (Bachelor of Business Psychology), Timothy Nas (Bachelor of Business Informatics).

Publish date: 10. May 2022 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder ()