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Welcome culture for international students at HFT Stuttgart receives financial support

The International Office of the HFT Stuttgart was able to convince with its project application "Successful Studying at the HFT Stuttgart" and will receive about 180,000 euros for the project duration of three years. The funding is provided as part of the programme "STIBET II - Model Projects to Improve the Welcome Culture" of the German Academic Exchange Service and runs until 2023.

"International students should be able to successfully complete their studies at our university. In order for them to find their way around better at our university and to avoid early dropouts, we need a good welcome culture that accompanies international students through their studies. With the DAAD project funds, we can now implement many of our ideas more quickly and effectively," says Katrin Ronneburger, International Student Coordinator at the International Office. A colourful potpourri of support and supervision services is planned, ranging from the introductory phase of studies to graduation. "The project funding enables us to expand and further develop existing measures as well as to develop and implement new offers," Ronneburger continues.

Among other things, special events are being planned as part of the preparatory week for international first-year students, which are intended to provide initial orientation and a good start to studying. In addition, further supplementary offers are planned for the course of studies, such as courses to strengthen communication skills, writing workshops and workshops on presentation techniques. Furthermore, the existing general counselling services of the HFT Stuttgart are to be supplemented by individual counselling for international students with a focus on forward-looking study orientation and planning. But other factors, such as social integration and feeling comfortable at the place of study, also play a major role in student success. Even more tailored offers are to be created for this as well. "Here we will sensibly supplement already established structures, such as the International Coffee Break, which takes place once a week, or various excursions during the semester," says project employee Tina Panzer. For example, a language café and a debating club are being considered.

The measures are accompanied by a continuous needs analysis so that the needs and wishes of the international students can be responded to and the measures can be adapted accordingly. Tina Panzer is responsible for the project implementation in the International Office.

Publish date: 04. March 2021 By Tina Panzer ()