Three times successful

Tandem Fellowships of the Stifterverband for the HFT Stuttgart

Just in time for the end of the year, the good news arrived: HFT Stuttgart was successful three times in acquiring Tandem Fellowships for teaching. All three faculties were able to acquire a Tandem Fellowship and will start implementing their innovative teaching ideas in 2023.

Prof. Christine Kappei (Fak A) and Prof. Dr. Siri Krauß (Fak B) submitted a concept for the development of a new cross-faculty teaching format for digital construction process planning with their project " BIM4D".

The project "ReMind" focuses on the implementation of a hybrid learning offer on the topics of resilience and mindfulness at universities in Baden-Württemberg and was developed by Prof. Dr. Katrin Allmendinger (Fak B) in cooperation with Anke Pfeiffer (SkiLL).

"Learning by Coding" is the name of the game in computer science starting in 2023. The concept was developed by Prof. Dr. Sebastian Speiser and Prof. Dr. Melanie Baur (Fak C) in cooperation with Johanna Sedlmair (SkiLL). The goal is a cross-disciplinary and cross-faculty programming education that allows students to approach the complexity of programming topics step by step and at their own pace.

Congratulations and good luck!

Publish date: 05. January 2023 By Prof. Dr. Lutz Gaspers ()