Rising number of applicants at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences

Success story continues

Very high number of applicants for the Bachelor's degree programmes in Architecture and Business Psychology | New Master's degree programme in Digital Processes and Technologies successfully launched

The number of applicants for the 2021 summer semester at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences (HFT Stuttgart) speaks a clear language: The reputation of an innovative, practice-oriented university that has switched to digital lecture and event formats in the age of Corona with almost no problems in teaching and has guided its students through the examinations of the 2020 summer semester without any time losses precedes HFT Stuttgart. The number of applicants increased by more than 30 percent for the summer semester 2021 compared to the previous year. It must be taken into account that of the 33 Bachelor's and Master's degree programmes on offer, "only" 23 start in the summer semester, with the remaining ten starting exclusively in the winter semester. The Bachelor's programme in Architecture is experiencing an almost unbelievable demand, with no less than 121.25 percent more applicants than in the previous year. Even the Dean of Studies, Prof. Markus Binder, is surprised at this level. "Word has obviously spread that online teaching has worked very well for us in the architecture course from the very beginning, even in areas such as design supervision, where at first glance it does not appear to be so easy to implement, because you have to look at plans and models together and also just sketch together. Our students can complete a full course of study despite all the adverse circumstances, and normally without losing any time." A total of 60 study places are available in the Bachelor's programme in Architecture, for which 635 interested students have applied. The Bachelor's degree programmes in Business Administration and Business Psychology have again attracted a large number of applicants and are growing. The Bachelor's programme in Business Psychology received 17 times as many applications as the number of students who could be admitted (641 applicants for 36 places). The overall increase in Bachelor's programmes is almost identical to the overall figure, at 31 percent.

In the Master's programmes, the university can report an increase in the number of applicants by a total of 28 percent. The Master's programme "Digital Processes and Technologies" is particularly noteworthy here. It will start for the first time in the summer semester of 2021 and has received 45 applications for eight places. This is also proof that digital skills are in demand in all areas and are associated with HFT Stuttgart.

On 26 January 2021, the offers of admission for Bachelor's degree programmes and the first admissions for Master's degree programmes were made. In the first week of February, further admissions and, if necessary, offers of admission will follow. And then things will start soon: On 1 March, the bridge course in mathematics, which is compulsory for all first-year students in the technical and business degree programmes, will begin - online, of course.

Publish date: 01. February 2021 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder ()