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Summer semester 2022: Students honored for special achievements

Awards at the HFT Stuttgart

The Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences will honor numerous students of the past summer semester 2022 for their outstanding achievements during its five graduate ceremonies, which will take place between October 7 and 21, 2022. In the following, we would like to introduce this year's award winners:inside:

The Joseph von Egle Prize, endowed with 1,000 euros, is awarded to Sophie Pallaske from the Bachelor's program in Industrial Engineering and Construction and Real Estate.

Egle Award winner in the winter semester 2022

Sophie Pallaske on the subject of her Bachelor's thesis, for which she received an award, among other things: "Since the construction industry is responsible for a large proportion of CO2 emissions, resource consumption and waste generation, this sector is a significant lever for mitigating climate change. In my paper, I therefore highlighted the Cradle to Cradle principle as one solution approach, with its current strengths and weaknesses as well as future opportunities and threats within the construction industry. The cradle to cradle principle is primarily about creating a positive and healthy world for people and the environment, in which products circulate in technical or biological cycles - true to the motto "waste is nutrient".

DAAD Prize 2022

The DAAD prize of 1,000 euros for the winter semester goes to Yakubu Alhassan from the Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics master's program.

The topic of his master's thesis is "Visualization of Traffic Flows for Public Transport Operations - Requirements from the User's Point of View and Conception." Yakubu Alhassan explains, "In order to achieve climate goals, we need more public transport instead of private cars. The Federal Ministry of Digital Affairs and Transport presented the project "Mobile Fusion Data" to optimize public transport planning through multiple data. I worked with one of the project partners to analyze data and create a web app to help transport companies plan routes based on passenger demand."


Other award winners:inside

Knödler-Decker Prize (500 euros each):
KC Archana, Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics Master's program
Lukas Jans, Mathematics Master's program
Roksana-Jessica Siewiorek, General Management Master's program.

Insurance Companies Prize (1000 euros):
(to be awarded on Mathematics Day on Nov. 18, 2022)

Singh Vipin, Bachelor of Mathematics

Association Friends Prize (400 euros each):
Tom Biskupski, Bachelor of Computer Science
Julia Gorges, Bachelor of Business Administration
Daniel Schulz, Bachelor of Digitization and Information Management
Lisa Sulz, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Carina Völkerling, Bachelor of Business Psychology

Prize Bund Deutscher Baumeister (500 euros each):
Manuel Delesky, Bachelor of ClimateEngineering
Sophie Alisa Lenhart, Bachelor of Interior Design

Prize Novatec GmbH (400 euros):
Nico Willms, Master's degree program Software Technology

The RVC prize for social commitment goes to
Niko Jochim, Bachelor of Computer Science

Book prizes were awarded to
Sascha Dostal, Bachelor of Computer Science
Leonie Friedrich, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Paula Fröhlich Träger, Bachelor of Interior Design
Daja Hamdan, Bachelor of Business Informatics
Luca Hohwieler, Bachelor of Interior Design
Julia Holzapfel, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Tanja Lehmann, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Laura Schweiger, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Amelie Seitz, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Hanna Zeifang, Bachelor of Business Psychology
Olena Zhelezko, Bachelor of Interior Design

Publish date: 05. October 2022 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder ()