Appointments for the winter semester 2021/22

A warm welcome!

The HFT Stuttgart welcomes two new professors for the winter semester 2021/22: Prof. Dr. Melanie Baur and Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Birgit Bögner-Balz.

Prof. Dr. Melanie Baur | Faculty of Surveying, Computer Science and Mathematics | Subject: Computer Science/Business Informatics (Digitization)

Melanie Baur worked as a consultant at McKinsey & Company for seven years. The focus of her work in the digital area was the implementation of digitalisation strategies. She was also a member of both McKinsey's Insurance and Education teams, where she participated in topic-specific research projects. Baur first studied mathematics and physical education at the University of Constance and completed her first state examination with distinction. In parallel, she completed a diploma degree in mathematics with several research stays at the Università degli Studi di Perugia. This was followed by a PhD in Computer and Information Science at the University of Konstanz on the topic "Combinatorial Concepts and Algorithms for Drawing Planar Graphs". For the winter semester 2020/21, Melanie Baur was appointed Professor of Applied Mathematics at the VWA University of Applied Sciences. Prof. Dr. Melanie Baur was appointed to the HFT Stuttgart for the winter semester 2021/22.

Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Bögner-Balz | Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Economics | Subject: Sustainable Materials in Construction

Heidrun Bögner-Balz studied civil engineering at the University of Stuttgart and graduated in 1999. Afterwards, she started to develop measurement methods for different materials in civil engineering at the Laboratory for Dynamics and Optics, Leonberg. Along the way, she wrote her doctoral thesis at the Institute for Materials in Civil Engineering at the University of Stuttgart on the topic of "Prestressed structures made of coated fabrics and the role of shear behaviour in the formation of doubly curved surfaces from plane strips". In various research projects she was committed to the further development of construction with membranes and foils. In 2011 she took over the management of Labor Blum GmbH and subsequently the management of the testing, monitoring and certification body for membranes and foils according to the state building code. From the end of 2012, she headed the laboratory at DEKRA now known as the "Laboratory for Technical Textiles and Films". From 2006 onwards, she was involved in setting up a Master's degree course in membrane construction at the Institute for Membrane and Shell Technology (IMS), an institute of Anhalt University of Applied Sciences, and taught the subjects "Mechanical and Physical Properties" and "Building Physics for Membranes".In 2009, she became a visiting professor for "Membrane and Building Physics" at Anhalt University of Applied Sciences. With the research group "Polar Bear" she received the Techtextil Innovation Award in 2013 for "Energy-efficient textile structures for solar thermal use based on polar bear fur and seasonal storage". Since 2018 she is a member of the board of directors of the IMS and responsible board member for research. For many years until the change of the statutes in 2020, Bögner-Balz supervised the global network Tensinet as a member of the board. She is a member of the standards committees Construction CEN TC 250 WG 5 and Plastics CEN TC 248 WG 4 and their national mirror committees as well as involved in the expert committee "Plastics construction", "Coated fabrics and other plastics" of the DIBt. Prof. Dr.-Ing. Heidrun Bögner-Balz has been appointed to the HFT Stuttgart for the winter semester 2021/22.


Publish date: 04. October 2021 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder ()