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New Corona regulation on study operations comes into force

Planning for face-to-face study operation underway

The state government has realigned its protection concept against the background of a progressing vaccination rate. At the centre of the reorientation is the basic idea of enabling citizens to participate in social life according to their infectious risk potential. The Corona Ordinance Study Operation was therefore adapted accordingly on 23.08.2021 and further developed for study operation.

The presence study operation is now again permissible and expressly desired. For the realization, according to the Corona regulation study operation, a minimum distance is merely recommended in the future. Attendance courses are dependent on the presence of a vaccination, convalescence or test certificate (3G regulation). Complementary to face-to-face events, online teaching remains important as an additional element in the context of pandemic control or because it qualitatively enriches the teaching offer. The concretisation of the implementation of the new Corona Regulation Studienbetrieb at HFT Stuttgart for the winter semester 2021/22 is currently being prepared by the rectorate and the student department. There will be more detailed information in the Corona regulation report September 2021.

Further information:
Corona regulation study operation of 23 August 2021
Minister Theresia Bauer in an interview with SWR.

Publish date: 24. August 2021