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Climate bet makes a stop in Stuttgart

Stuttgart wants to save around 10,000 tons of CO2

On Tuesday, 27 July, the state capital Stuttgart will host the Climate Bet together with the Climate Protection Foundation Baden-Württemberg. The participatory campaign aims to win one million people who collectively save one million tons of CO2 by the next World Climate Conference in Glasgow at the beginning of November 2021. The HFT Stuttgart is a partner of the climate bet in Baden-Württemberg. Rector Prof. Dr. Rade will be present at the Schlossplatz.

Baden-Württemberg is the first federal state with its own federal state bet. Julia Kovar, the head of the Climate Protection Foundation Baden-Württemberg, has announced the climate bet for the southwest. The Climate Protection Foundation is calling on cities, communities, municipalities and all interested parties in the state to take part in the campaign and save at least 166,546 tons of CO2. The initiator of the nationwide climate bet, Dr. Michael Bilharz from the association "3 fürs Klima", is currently cycling over 6,000 km in 100 days across Germany with a cargo bike and a ton of CO2 under the motto "Kick the ton". On 27 July,Bilharz will be at Schlossplatz in Stuttgart at 4 p.m. to promote the campaign.

The state capital is a partner of the Baden-Württemberg bet, which was called out for the southwest by the Baden-Württemberg Climate Protection Foundation. Lord Mayor Dr. Frank Nopper: "Climate change is a historically critical moment. We need drive and team spirit to master this challenge. This task brings us all together and strengthens our cohesion."

The city of Stuttgart wants to mobilize at least 1.5 percent of its citizens to each save one ton of CO2. In this way, 9,538 tons of CO2 are to be avoided by November.

The climate bet

The climate bet shows in a playful way how everyone can make an important contribution to climate protection and save the next ton of CO2. The patron of the climate bet is the President of the Federal Environment Agency, Prof. Dirk Messner.

You can take part via the website On the one hand, you can save CO2 yourself and register it for the climate bet. On the other hand, you can make concrete climate protection projects of non-profit compensation service providers possible by making a donation. You can choose from solar and efficiency projects as well as reforestation and plant carbon projects.

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Publish date: 26. July 2021