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Climate bet: HFT Stuttgart is in on it

Cities and companies in the country are called upon to participate

As a cooperation partner of the nationwide climate bet, the Climate Protection Foundation is launching its own betting target for Baden-Württemberg: Will people in the state manage to save 166,560 tons of CO2 by the next climate conference in Glasgow in November? Daimler AG, the HFT Stuttgart and Stadtwerke Stuttgart were the first partners to be recruited.

"The bet is on" is the motto in Baden-Württemberg from now on. Because the climate protection foundation has announced the so-called "climate bet" for the southwest. The aim of the bet is to encourage people in the state to save 166,560 tons of CO2.. This figure corresponds to 1.5% of the population of Baden-Württemberg and refers to the Paris climate protection goal of limiting the global temperature increase to 1.5°C compared to pre-industrial levels. Baden-Württemberg is thus the first federal state to have its own climate bet.

"Baden-Württemberg can do climate protection. I am sure that the people in the state can achieve the bet target. And even more," says Environment Minister Thekla Walker MdL. "There is a long way to go to reach the 1.5 degree target. But everyone can do their part to avert climate catastrophe and keep our earth livable. I call on everyone - local authorities, companies and households - to use the climate bet to question their own dailyCO2 emissions and to limit them directly where possible. That is effective climate protection."

Setting a good example

The Climate Bet is a nationwide initiative that aims to motivate one million people across Germany to save one million tons of  CO2 by the next World Climate Conference in Glasgow this November. People can participate by voluntarily offsetting a ton of CO2 in the amount of 25 euros or by using the CO2 avatar which measures one's ownCO2-saving measures and feeds them into the climate bet's savings account. The climate bet wants to show how one million people can set a good example and quickly implement climate protection. Anyone interested can take part at

"We support the Climate Bet because offsetting into climate protection projects can be an effective instrument to compensate for residual emissions", explains Julia Kovar-Mühlhausen, head of the Climate Protection Foundation Baden-Württemberg. "In addition, a change in awareness is needed to bring about more climate-friendly behaviour in everyday life. The climate bet reinforces both of these, which is why it fits well with the mission of the Climate Protection Foundation."

Broad participation required

In order to achieve the goal, as many cities, communities and municipalities in the state as possible must be persuaded to participate. But companies and public institutions are also called upon to participate. Daimler AG, the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and the Stadtwerke Stuttgart, which are already participating in the climate bet for Baden-Württemberg, are setting an example.

If the Baden-Württemberg bet is successful, the Climate Protection Foundation will plant 40 trees, one tree for each employee of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation. The Climate Protection Foundation is a sub-foundation of the Baden-Württemberg Foundation. It now offers certified compensation projects for companies, municipalities and private individuals. More about the Baden-Württemberg Bet at

Publish date: 12. July 2021