Information on the Corona pandemic

Current situation

(Updated on October 30, 2020)

Since mid-March 2020 at the latest, the world has changed, the Corona pandemic has a firm grip on us and we all have to learn to deal with the changed situation. As in many other universities, almost all lectures at the HFT Stuttgart were held online in the past summer semester, and the examinations were successfully held in presence according to a strict hygiene concept.

At the beginning of the winter semester, we were able to welcome the freshmen in attendance at the university in small groups, and some lectures were also held in attendance. Starting in November 2020, teaching will be switched back to online teaching. Classroom teaching is only possible in exceptional cases. 

The focus of the measures in place at the HFT Stuttgart is the protection of the health of all members and relatives of the university. However, it is also the aim of the university to ensure that courses can be offered and examinations can take place. 

In order to reduce the danger of infection by the corona virus, numerous measures have been taken at the HFT Stuttgart, about which we would like to inform you here. Processes and dates must always be adapted to the current situation. Therefore please inform yourself regularly in Moodle and here on the website of the HFT Stuttgart about the current status.

We wish all university members to get through this difficult time well and stay healthy

The University Board of the HFT Stuttgart

Current press release on corona measures from the Ministry of Science, Research and Art Baden-Württemberg (MWK):

New measures in the fight against the Covid-19 pandemic: regulations in the field of science and art
(in german)

Obligation to register for attendance events

Due to the current obligation to provide information in order to trace possible chains of infection, registration is mandatory for attendance events. If possible, this should be done online via the HFT app or via web variants. Alternatively, paper forms and collection containers are available in the entrance areas of the university buildings.

Plakat zur HFT-App

Check in/out

Online registration

With the smartphone the registration is done in the HFT app or via a mobile web variant by scanning the QR code. It is also possible to register via the laptop. After each individual event or when changing rooms or buildings, you have to check out and, if necessary, check in again in a new room. It is not allowed to log in only for the first lecture and log out after the last lecture. Every room change requires a login/logout.

Registration on paper

Alternatively, the registration can be done in paper form in the entrance areas of the buildings. Registration forms are available there and there are collection containers. To keep the organisational effort as low as possible, we kindly ask you to use the online registration.

In addition to the convenient online registration, the HFT app offers numerous features that make it easier for our HFT students to organize their studies.

Obligation to wear a mask

From 13.10.2020 on the HFT premises, an unrestricted obligation to wear mouth and nose covers applies in all rooms and on the open-air grounds. This includes corridors, courtyards, lecture halls, lifts, meeting rooms, kitchens and group offices (the latter if more than one person is present).

Questions & Answers

Please report a positive test result to the HFT Stuttgart by e-mail to

All further information on the procedure can be obtained from the Health Department and the Ministry of Social Affairs in Baden-Württemberg

Monday to Friday
8:00 - 18:00

On Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays the university buildings are closed all day.

Different arrangements may apply in individual cases for special events.

The info and support counter is closed. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us by email or via the service and support portal of the information center.

If you have any enquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us by email:,

We will continue to help you and be available for you by digital communication.

The student advisory service offers personal consultation with preceding date agreement under consideration of the hygiene rules. Prospective and current students can find the contact details under the following links:

Student advisory service for prospective students

Advice for students

Good self-organization is always important, and this is currently more true than ever. The colleagues at the Student Advisory Service have put together some tips and tricks for learning at home:

Tips for learning at home


The cafeteria will be closed again from 26 October 2020. Alternatively the food truck will be available from Monday to Friday from 11.30 to 12.30.

Because of the corona pandemic the practical study project (BPS: practical semester) may be affected by company closures, for example. In such cases, please contact the Internship Office for the BPS. E-mail:

For the submission of BPS reports you will find the latest information in Moodle.

Students can apply for bridging assistance, all information can be found on the website of the Studierendenwerk at

Processes and deadlines must currently be constantly adapted to the current situation. Therefore, please inform yourself regularly in Moodle and on the website of the HFT Stuttgart about the current status.

For professors, lecturers and staff of the HFT Stuttgart, further information is summarized in Moodle

General information and advices

Bau 1 mit vollständiger Beleuchtung

Events and Dates

Events are cancelled

Due to the corona pandemic all events for the public at the HFT Stuttgart are currently cancelled. In some cases we offer online events. Events in person and examinations for our HFT students are partly held on site in compliance with the hygiene concept.

Dates and times

Please refer to our calendar of events for the winter semester 2020/21.

Die Beleuchtung im Lichthof

General links

Information from the Government of Baden-Württemberg

We are here for you

With the corona pandemic new solutions in terms of organisation, structure and personal development must be found and set up. Nevertheless, the staff in the faculties, the student affairs department and the student counselling service as well as all central facilities of the university are available to students, by email, telephone or to make appointments. An overview of the contacts can be found here:

The following Corona rules of conduct apply at the university:

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