Entwurf für den Kreativraum

Ideas for a new creative space at HFT Stuttgart

Students of the study course interior design present concepts to a jury.

In a two-week ideas competition, interior design students under the direction of Prof. Jens Betha developed innovative concepts for the redesign of the so-called "InduPrint room" (Building 1/Ground floor) at the HFT Stuttgart. The task was to incorporate various usage scenarios into the design during the redesign.

On the one hand, the "InduPrint room" should create new jobs for students and researchers, and on the other hand, students should consider using it as a workshop, presentation or event space.

The redesign of the "InduPrint-Room" is part of the development of a network of creative spaces, which includes new types of rooms with various possible uses. In addition to classic teaching and work rooms at the HFT Stuttgart, the creative rooms focus on modularity in design, flexibility in use and promote internal and external transfer at the HFT.

The designs presented were so convincing to the jury - consisting of Prof. Jens Betha (Interior Design), Prof. Uta Bronner (Business Psychology, Head of M4_LAB), Prof. Volker Coors (Scientific Director of the IAF), Ann-Kristin Graumann (M4_LAB) and Hans-Jörg Seidler (M4_LAB) - that they did not want to commit themselves to a single winner. Rather, the students impressed with their designs due to their respective professionalism in terms of content, because the usage scenarios required in the briefing were integrated into the designs with flying colours. In addition, they were formally convincing and thus made a decisive contribution to the further development of the creative space network at the HFT Stuttgart.

All students therefore received an award for their designs, which was made available by the association "Friends of the HFT Stuttgart". Three of the five designs were additionally awarded - with the "1 for 33.33 prize" spontaneously chosen by the jury - with extra prize money. These designs contain important elements and new impulses for the design of further creative spaces.

Publish date: 02. October 2020 By Ann-Kristin Graumann (), Hans-Jörg Seidler ()