Bild zum Wettbewerb Start-up BW ASAP

HFT start-up "Walkingbuddies" wins at state competition

The students Lara Pfisterer and Aram Özdemir want to make the way home safer for women and convince the audience of the ASAP BW competition with their idea.

As part of the ASAP BW competition, 26 finalists competed against each other yesterday for the title of overall winner and as winners in five different categories. Among them were two teams from HFT Stuttgart: Network Sports and Walkingbuddies. They had 90 seconds to convince the audience and the jury of their idea.

In the end, Lara Pfisterer (Bachelor of Interior Design) and Aram Özdemir (Bachelor of Business Administration) could cheer: They won the audience award. With their idea, they want to bring women home safely. Through their app, girls and women can arrange to walk home together. Their slogan is: "Find buddies, walk together, arrive safely".

The team met last year in PLAN G's STARTPLAN start-up program. Within eight weeks, the team managed to identify a problem and develop a solution. The starting point was a challenge brought in by the city of Stuttgart: "How can we help cities increase the attractiveness and safety for pedestrians:inside?" At each step, they were supported by experienced mentors and the city of Stuttgart.


The next STARTPLAN starts at the beginning of the next semester. If you would like to develop a start-up in eight weeks, you can pre-register now at gruenden(at)

PLAN G is funded by the BMWi through the "Exist-Potenziale" line.

Walkingbuddies receives a start-up grant from M4_LAB through the federal-state funding initiative "Innovative Hochschule".


Publish date: 22. February 2022 By Marco di Giacomo ()