Verleihung der Honorarprofessorenwürde an Dr. Uli Jakob

Dr. Uli Jakob became awarded as honorary professor

The HFT Stuttgart congratulates Dr. Uli Jakob for becoming honorary professor at the faculty Architecture and Design

On May 19th 2020 President Prof. Rainer Franke and Vice President Dr. Wolfgang Huep awarded Dr. Uli Jakob as a honorary professor for the HFT Stuttgart. The HFT Stuttgart honours the outstanding commitment for the faculty Architecture and Design. Due to the Covid-19 pandemia the Award took place only with a small amount of HFT-Members.

Graduate of the HFT Stuttgart and expert in "Green Technologies

Dr. Uli Jakob is a graduate of the HFT Stuttgart, he studied building physics and successfully completed his studies in 2000. In 2005 he received his PhD at De Montfort University in Leicester (UK). After completing his studies, he worked at the HFT Stuttgart as a staff member in HFT research and as managing director at until 2006. He is still active as a partner for HFT research in numerous projects. He is considered an internationally recognized expert in the field of Green Technologies, especially in the area of innovative solar technologies. Since 2000 he has been running a consulting office in Weinstadt under named "dr. jakob energy research" and works as a managing director of Solem Consulting in Stuttgart.

Since the ClimateEngineering course of studies was established in 2011, Dr. Jakob has been involved in various courses and in supervision of numerous bachelor theses. He also takes on many teaching activities in study courses of architecture and interior design.

On behalf of the Faculty of Architecture and Design, the Dean congratulates on this award.

With this award, the university honours his unusually extensive and successful commitment to teaching our students in the fields of climate engineering, architecture and interior design.

Prof. Dr. Jan Cremers,
Dean of the Faculty of Architecture and Design
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Publish date: 25. May 2020 By Cornelia Jänicke ()