Dr. Doreen Burmese

Dr. Doreen Kirmse takes office as chancellor

Responsible for administration and finances at the HFT Stuttgart

In January the University Council and Senate elected Dr. Doreen Kirmse to the office of Chancellor at the HFT Stuttgart. At the beginning of July the lawyer took up her office.

As Chancellor in the Univerity Board, Dr. Doreen Kirmse will assume responsibility for the administration and finances of the university. The administration at the HFT Stuttgart is divided into an economic department with the two departments of personnel and finances as well as a student and technical department.

"I am very much looking forward to the exciting work and to working with all divisions to solve the big and small challenges of the present and the future together for the benefit of HFT," says Dr. Doreen Kirmse.

Dr. Doreen Kirmse has been Commercial Director and Member of the Board of the Leibniz Institute for Solid State and Materials Research Dresden e.V. since 2015 and Vice-President of the Leibniz Association e.V. since 2016. Before that she worked as a lawyer in Frankfurt am Main and as Head of Department at the Max Planck Society e.V. in Munich.


Publish date: 07. July 2020 By Petra Dabelstein ()