Covid-19 Dashboard developed from HFT Stuttgart

Real-time and Historical Web-based COVID-19 Data Visualization

According to the Johns Hopkins University, the new coronavirus SARS-CoV-2 - “COVID-19” has infected more than 1.9 million people and killed at least 120,000 worldwide. In Germany, more than 130,000 cases had been confirmed. As there is no remedy to the COVID-19 yet so that there is a need for a tool to let citizens have access to the updated COVID-19 data in real-time.

Also, the historical data is essential as it can be used for research purposes to study the correlation between the COVID-19 and other factors that might affect the spreading speed, such as air pollution, geospatial location, weather condition, and etc.

For this reason, we have used the OGC SensorThings API (STAPI) as the standard format to collect and manage the COVID-19 data. This server is called “COVID-STA”. Not only can it be used for the real-time application, but also it ables researchers to use it for further study. The data can be easily accessed as a JSON format through the HTTP request. Based on the “COVID-STA”, we developed a web application dashboard “COVID 19 Dashboard” for visualizing real-time and historical COVID-19 data.

Publish date: 16. April 2020 By Prof. Dr. Volker Coors (), Joe Thunyathep Santhanavanich (), Chaeyun Kim ()