Chilling in the courtyard now even more comfortable!

15 new deck chairs with HFT logo and Block 4 e.V. lettering freshly arrived.

Want to take a short break? The new red deck chairs in the courtyard invite students, faculty and staff to relax. Here, everyone could ...

... find relaxation and resilient moments.
... Search for climate-friendly solutions and find answers.
... Network with other creative minds.

Berk Meric, Katja Ziegler, Tugce Bilmezler and Janne Liebig from the computer science program were the first to make themselves comfortable in the new deck chairs. They think they are an asset to the courtyard. Although today is the first not-so-nice day after a long string of warm summer days, Berk is already looking forward to "chilling on one of the deck chairs with a cool drink in hand and sitting comfortably with others over the next few days." Tugce was also immediately taken with the chairs: "I'd like to sit in those," was her first thought, "that's a great offer from the university."

Publish date: 07. July 2022 By Michaela Leipersberger-Linder ()