Rampage at the University of Heidelberg

Dismay and sympathy at all universities in the state

At the HAW in Baden-Württemberg, the terrible act at the University of Heidelberg has caused shock and horror. The Rectors' Conference and the university administrations sympathize with the suffering of the victims and those affected.

Following the horrific attack at the University of Heidelberg, the university administrations of the HAW in Baden-Württemberg express their sympathy and condolences to those affected and their families.

In her statement, Science Minister Theresia Bauer described the state's universities as places of freedom, openness and encounter. The university administrations want to clearly underline this characterization and will always advocate for accessible and open educational institutions despite or even because of the terrible act of violence.

On Monday, January 31, 2022, a memorial service will be held in Heidelberg in memory of the victims. As a sign of the university community's sympathy and solidarity with Heidelberg University and those affected by the crime, colleges and universities in Baden-Württemberg will fly mourning flags on that day.


Publish date: 25. January 2022