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Acceptance of Hyperloop

First empirical insights based on a representative study in the Netherlands

Hyperloop promises sustainable, safe, and especially short travel times. Besides overcoming economic and technical challenges, the successful introduction of this technology in the future depends on the acceptance of potential users.

As part of a project of the Business Psychology program of the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences and in close cooperation with Hardt Hyperloop, a start-up from the Netherlands, the acceptance of potential users with regard to Hyperloop was investigated for the first time.

The University of Applied Sciences in Stuttgart conducted a representative study from 8th July to 25th July 2020. In this context 387 participants from the Netherlands reported their willingness to use hyperloop. With this study important insights into the acceptance of hyperloop among the population could be gained.

These are the key results from the study:

  • As expected, there is still little knowledge on Hyperloop among the population. Nevertheless, most participants can imagine using the technology in the future.
  • The advantages are seen particularly in the speed, environmental friendliness as well as in the quiet and comfortable travel journey. In general, Hyperloop is expected to meet these expectations. However, the participants expect a higher price than for comparable means of transport.
  • Possible usage barriers include concerns about the lack of windows and the absence of staff in the hyperloop vehicles. However, only a minority of respondents expressed fears about using this new means of transport.
  • People who have more knowledge about Hyperloop are more willing to use it. Therefore, by increasing the awareness of Hyperloop, e.g. through more information and possibilities for experience, a higher acceptance of potential users can be expected.

Further information can be found in the published research report.

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Publish date: 25. November 2020 By Prof. Dr. Patrick Planing ()