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25 girls did MINT

First digital Girls' Day at HFT Stuttgart

On 22.04.2021 the nationwide Girls' Day took place digitally for the first time in large parts. The study programmes Building Physics, Mathematics, Climate Engineering as well as Surveying and Geoinformatics at HFT Stuttgart presented four exciting and practical projects to the 25 participants aged 11 to 16 and advertised extremely good career prospects.

After a brief introduction and a tongue-in-cheek excursion into the 200-year history of the university, the schoolgirls entered so-called breakout sessions and worked intensively for more than one and a half hours with professors, lecturers and students from the respective degree programmes.

Under the motto "What you always wanted to know from a rector", Rector Prof. Dr. Katja Rade then fielded questions from the inquisitive girls. She was asked, for example, why she trained as an aviation saleswoman and did not become a rector directly or whether she sometimes feels overwhelmed.

Short surveys on topics such as "girls and technology" as well as playful elements to warm up together and lighten the digital mood rounded off the programme. In this way, the university was able to show that theory and practice can be meaningfully combined, and not only in university studies.

The conclusion after one and a half hours was positive: it was entertaining, fun for everyone and we as a university have learned that sustainability is currently the most important factor for girls to study mint subjects.

We are already looking forward to the next time, when we will say: welcome to this year's Girls'Day at the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences!

Publish date: 27. April 2021 By Katrin Fuchs ()