150 scholarships and finally another scholarship celebration at the HFT Stuttgart

After a two-year break due to Corona, the HFT Stuttgart invited sponsors and scholarship holders to a ceremony followed by a get-together on November 24

In his welcoming speech, Prof. Gaspers pointed out the difficult situation of many young people. The young generation is being shaken to its foundations by global crises and wars. Especially in these times with many challenges, with worries and hardships, the occasion of this evening should be emphasized.

Even in economically uncertain times, almost 50 companies, foundations, associations and private individuals supported the students of the HFT Stuttgart. The applause of the present scholarship holders underlined the important meaning of his words: Only together will we be able to emerge strong from all crises.

In a subsequent interview, Prof. Gaspers elicited a few things from four scholarship holders about their studies, the great sense of a scholarship and why studying at the HFT Stuttgart can be really fun in addition to all the effort. All four scholarship holders emphasized the great added value of scholarship support. At the get-together in the auditorium, the conversations that had started in a previous speed dating event could be continued. The Speed Dating was held for the first time as a networking event and brought together all scholarship holders and sponsors.


Student support at HFT Stuttgart

Since 2011, HFT Stuttgart has been awarding the Deutschlandstipendium as well as scholarships from the university's own Studienstiftung der HFT Stuttgart. The number, which has now grown to more than 1500 scholarships, comprises a total funding amount of 3.7 million euros and a sponsorship rate of 3.8 of all HFT students.


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