At the Hochschule für Technik Stuttgart a lecture for children takes place twice a year. The Christmas Lecture is traditionally organized by Prof. Dr. Andreas Beck and the Building Physics Department. The Easter Lecture is offered by professors of the HFT Stuttgart from different fields of study. All interested children from seven to twelve years are invited. The event is free of charge. Registration for the respective children's lecture is possible online about two weeks before the event.


All Christmas and Easter lectures at a glance

Review of topics

2018: Bon appetit!
2017: Why does it crackle, pop and whistle?
2016: Comets on their way through the solar system
2015: Exciting weather experiments
2014: How does the world map get on the Christmas globe?
2013: Exciting experiments around flying
2012: How do sounds become music?
2011: Mechanical magic
2010: Physical magic 2009: The creation of the world - stars, planets and more
2008: How does the sound come out of the instrument?

Ein Schnappschuss eines Flugzeugmodells
Chrismas lectures for children
Review of topics

2019: Architecture with natural materials
2018: Of crazy cubes and nasty goats
2017: Mathematics - beauty and magic
2016: Why is the Leaning Tower of Pisa leaning?
2015: Wickie, Lillifee and Co. - Advertising & brands
2014: Stay seated!
2013: Computers from inside and digital secret codes
2012: How does the world map get on the Easter egg?
2011: Bridges - Towers - Containers 2010: Easter egg search by GPS and satellite
2009: Yellow, red, blue - colour makes you smart!

Drei Eimer, die mit Sand befüllt sind
Easter lectures for children