From theory to adventurous practice

24.11.2020, by Prof. Dr.-Ing. Peter Baumann

Excursions are a popular part of the course of study, both for the lecturers and the students. Together and up close, regionally and internationally exciting areas, buildings, waters and co. are explored. The "self-guided" excursion is a creative answer to the limitations of the current situation and more than just an emergency solution.

Equipped with a tour guide including map, nothing stands in the way of the adventure. The Circular Path to Going On Your Own has already had a successful first round in the Master's Degree Programme in Environmental Protection and will soon be entering its second round: Appropriate to the topic of water protection, students are to deal with their nearest body of water. In doing so, a defined stretch of water is to be walked and documented regularly under the aspects of the lecture. The results will be pitched in January next year.