Tips for the study work via video tutorial

16.04.2020, by Prof. Dr. Ing. Elke Sohn

Together with trainer Krisztina Takacs video tutorials have been produced for all students of Faculty A since the winter semester. With the help of the "my simple show" tutorials (on moodle, course Scientific Work) questions about how to write a student research project should be clarified according to the requirements of scientific work. The aim is to provide students throughout the faculty with learning material in the form of video tutorials on those scientific rules that are needed when writing a term paper. Studying at a university also aims at learning how to write a scientific paper independent of the specific course of study. This can and should be practiced in the context of student research projects.

The tutorials are accessible at any time and allow you to learn or repeat the contents on your own. The tutorials standardize an important part of the rules for scientific work within the faculty. This facilitates work and correction discussions for students as individuals for students among each other (also across degree programmes) and for the teaching staff.

The first three tutorials deal with the questions:

Structure and structure - how does a student research project become academic?

Which sources may be used in a student research project?

How do you cite sources in a term paper?


Currently there are more tutorials in progress, e.g. on how to cite sources correctly for a student research project.