Elections of committees at the HFT Stuttgart


Every summer semester, the elections of committees take place at the HFT Stuttgart. The representatives for the senate and the faculty councils (Fakultätsrat) as well as the representatives of the student parliament of the constitutional student body (Verfasste Studierendenschaft) are elected.


The elections will take place as online elections.

For students the term of office is one year.

For employees and professors the term of office is four years.

The term of office always begins on 1 October of each year.

Students: 6 in the senate (are also members of the StuPa), 6 per faculty council A/B/C, 7 in the StuPa

Staff: 4 in the senate, 4 per faculty council A/B/C

Professors: 4 each from faculty A/C and 6 from faculty B in the senate

The necessary information will be provided by e-mail four weeks before the committee elections with the election notice.

The necessary information will be announced by e-mail six days before the committee elections with the election announcement.

A university lives through its members, i.e. through all employees and students of the university. This includes the so-called academic self-administration. Part of academic self-administration are the various bodies of a university, such as the senate, the faculty councils and the student parliament. Through these bodies important guidelines for the university and especially for the concerns of study and teaching are decided upon. For this reason, all groups of the university, i.e. students, lecturers and staff should be represented in the various committees in sufficient numbers. It is not sufficient if all the seats/seats of a committee are occupied, but only if there are enough successors.

A high voter turnout confirms those who are standing for election. This means that with a high turnout, those elected have much better support from the electorate. This applies not only in the decomcratic sense, but also with regard to the motivation of the elected. So: Please go and vote!