Interdisciplinary GIS project in the 6th & 7th semester of the bachelor program Surveying and Geoinformatics: Project "Corona"

In this project, the motivation is to develop a website which shows a dashboard as an overview of the corona case numbers. A Germany-wide presentation with all administrative districts is a fixed goal, in addition data about hospitals or other public institutions will be integrated into the dashboard. The following figure shows the representation of the federal states in Germany. The darker the colour of a federal state or county, the higher the number of Covid-19 infected cases. This gives the viewer a quick overview without having to compare many numbers.


The project is still in development and therefore some functions have not yet been implemented or have only been inserted temporarily. One function that has not yet been implemented is a separate page on which only statistical data is to be displayed, thus providing a precise insight into the number of cases.

A worldwide map showing the development, i.e. a chronological progression, of case numbers in the individual countries was implemented. Here it should be possible to display data on the respective country, federal state or district when clicking the mouse or "driving over" it. These can be viewed in clearly arranged diagrams. The user himself should be able to decide on the size and arrangement of the individual "building blocks" on the website.

The goal is to create a clearly arranged website that gives a quick overview of the worldwide corona situation by means of interactive maps, diagrams and statistics.

By moving the slider, which changes the time of the display, a progression can be shown and thus it becomes clear how and when the virus passed from China via Europe to the USA.

The starting point is data from the Robert Koch Institute, which is updated daily and provides reliable figures. The complete development is to be implemented with open source tools, i.e. with free programs and data.

HTML 5 is used for the structure, CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) for the design and JavaScript for the functionality of the dashboard. For the creation of the diagrams the decision was made to use the JavaScript library Chart.js and for the creation of the map the JavaScript library OpenLayers. In addition, the script language PHP is required for the implementation of the data download.

The goal is to combine the positive aspects of the above-mentioned dashboards on one website. A nice and yet informative dashboard should be developed, which not only shows the current status, but also has other features. For example, it should also be possible to display the chronological course of illness.

Students from VG6&7 in summer semester 2020 - Project group "Corona

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Dietrich Schröder
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