Gebäudeansicht Rathaus Strümpfelbach

Monument in danger?

This question was investigated by three students in the module "Engineering Geodesy" of the master's course of study Surveying in the course of a project work in Weinstadt-Strümpfelbach. The old town hall, which is under monumental protection, was surveyed. The Trimble SX10 measuring instrument, which is operated via a tablet, was used. The measurements are intended to determine the extent to which the building has changed due to height movements and is endangered in its substance.

Messung Strümpfelbach

A total of four positions were chosen for the town hall on the two gable sides. After successful stationing and measuring of the existing targets (reflex marks), the scanning of the entrance area and the facade began. The scanning process took up to half an hour each time. A comparison of the coordinates of the measuring marks as well as a comparison of the point clouds of the reference and subsequent epochs provides information about possible deformations of the half-timbered house.

In the end, after the 2nd repeat measurement, no clear statement can be made as to whether the town hall is moving. At best a tendency can be recognized from the data. If this presumption is to be reliably proven, further repeat measurements would have to be carried out to eliminate errors and obtain a clear result.

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