The Integrated Surveying Project (IVP) takes place annually at the beginning of the summer semester for the third and fourth semesters. During the two weeks, students consolidate what they have learned so far and apply it practically in the context of a project.

The IVP took place in Buchen near Walldürn from 9 to 19 March 2020. The tasks to be worked on included the creation of a fixpoint field, stocktaking and monitoring measurements around the wind turbines of the local Bürgerwindpark. For the introduction of the wind farm, one of the wind turbines was visited and in a subsequent presentation on the construction and operation of the wind farm, further interesting details were learned.

After the first rainy week, the second week was filled with fantastic spring weather, which seemed to be perfect for a successful execution of the measurements. Unfortunately, the project had to be terminated prematurely due to the restrictions imposed by the Covid19 pandemic. The obligatory barbecue on Thursday of the second week could therefore not be enjoyed. Fortunately the measurements were already done, so that at least from a technical point of view a successful conclusion was possible.