The students of the master course Surveying of the HFT Stuttgart could carry out the measurement of their practical project in the module Engineering Geodesy in small groups on June 15th and 18th.


The project supervised by Prof. Dr. Gerrit Austen, which is the focus of the module, requires task sharing and real teamwork. The students are fully responsible for the planning, organisation, implementation and evaluation of the measurement. Important aspects such as weighing up the technical and economic factors for the positive completion of such a project are drawn from theory and from project examples.

This project is a deformation analysis at a flood retention basin of the city of Weinstadt-Baach. In order to ensure the stability of the dam and the structure, so-called follow-up measurements have been carried out annually by the students since the new construction in 2015. From these follow-up measurements and their evaluation, comparisons and statistical proofs of the stability or the change of a structure can be created.


Nowadays deformation measurements and analyses are indispensable. Whether during construction underground or above ground, the monitoring of existing engineering structures and natural objects. The ever-increasing densification of urban areas and climate change pose great challenges not only for construction companies and local authorities, but also for the geodesists who plan and carry out these monitoring activities. Manual deformation measurements often have to be supplemented and jointly evaluated with automatic measurements from other sensors such as GNSS, inclination and vibration sensors, inclinometers and extensometers.

For such challenges, practical projects like this one are not only a desirable change from lectures, but also important to be prepared for later professional life.

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