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24th Conference of Geodesy Students in Stuttgart

The Conference of Geodesy Students (KonGeoS) is a meeting of students on geodesy degree programmes at German-speaking universities. The student councils there organise a meeting at a different university location approximately every semester to network students with each other and to network with important companies and associations in the field of geodesy. KonGeoS took place in Stuttgart at the beginning of June 2024.

The VIM student council of HFT Stuttgart organized the three-day event together with the student council of the University of Stuttgart and was a complete success with 187 participants from Germany, Austria and Switzerland! The meeting was also well received by many companies, businesses, clubs and associations, so that some of them were able to provide financial support as well as technical support.

An extensive program was put together for the KonGeoS in Stuttgart:

Working groups:

Various topics were dealt with in the working group sessions. For example, there were lively discussions about recruiting young talent, the content of geodesy courses at the various universities and the public perception of KonGeoS in politics, business and society.

Exhibitor foyer & specialist presentations:

At over 20 exhibitor stands from companies, clubs and associations, participants were able to obtain information for their careers and make contacts for internships and jobs. Drinks, waffles and ice cream were provided.

At the same time, there were 5 specialist presentations to deepen your knowledge of surveying, geoinformatics and photogrammetry:

  • Aerial cameras past and present
  • Surveying work along the new Stuttgart-Ulm line
  • 3D applications
  • The tasks and importance of surveying in the Stuttgart 21 project
  • Enabling 3D GIS using reality mapping

Technical excursions:

A total of 9 technical excursions offered the opportunity to get to know Stuttgart and the surrounding area in addition to technical details. A special feature of the excursions was the individual design of the guided tours, which referred to the topics of geodesy or were organized exclusively for KonGeoS.

  • STEG Stadtentwicklungs GmbH
  • S21 - ITS and tunnel construction site
  • S21 - Tour of the new station
  • Surveying Mercedes-Benz Museum
  • Kepler Museum - Weil der Stadt
  • Geoplana
  • Frauenhofer IPA
  • Landmanagement office of the Rems Murr district office
  • IntCDC Hall

Social events:

In addition to the technical aspects, the KonGeoS naturally also focused on the social aspect. Visits to museums, city tours, hikes in the surrounding area, etc. offered the best opportunities to make the KonGeoS not only a professional but also a cultural experience.

We hope we were able to offer all participants exciting insights and new experiences this weekend. It was a pleasure to be the organizers of the 24th Conference of Geodesy Students and we can't wait to see many of you again at the next KonGeoS in Würzburg.

Student Council VIM
Publish date: 17. June 2024