Gruppenbild Vermessungs- und Geoinformatik-Studierende der HFT und aus Brasilien


The Integrated Surveying Project (IVP) 2024

The Integrated Surveying Project (IVP) takes place every year at the beginning of the summer semester for the third and fourth semesters of the Bachelor of Surveying and Geoinformatics. For a two week period, what they have learnt so far is applied and tested in a comprehensive practical project. The IVP is the highlight of the degree programme for the students and was made even more exciting this year with the visit of Brazilian students.

For two weeks, the lecture hall for the IVP was relocated to the Odenwald near Walldürn. As part of a project, 3D map information had to be created in a wind farm and structural monitoring of the wind turbines had to be carried out. Everything the students had learned about surveying and geoinformatics up to the 3rd and 4th semesters was required here:

From the creation of a fixed point field, the creation of a map from topographic surveys, to monitoring measurements and the use of various measuring methods and instruments. This first, extensive practical test has been the highlight of the course for years - "Trying out everything you have learned in a relaxed atmosphere, working on a project together in a group, enjoying nature in the beautiful Odenwald and ending the evening together with fellow students after work".

During the surveying project, we had the opportunity to carry out an "assignment" independently as a group, without many guidelines. We were able to gain a lot of knowledge for professional life, as we were able to try out different measuring techniques, which you don't always have the opportunity to do otherwise. We also had an incredibly great time together as a semester group.

A special feature this year was the visit of surveying and geoinformatics students from Brazil. As part of a DAAD exchange program, they took part in the second week of the IVP and worked on the project assignment together with the HFT students.

This provided mutual insights into the respective working methods and an exchange about the differences and similarities in student life.

At the end of the IVP, there was a guided tour of a wind turbine, a visit to the Eberstadt stalactite cave and a great barbecue evening at the shared accommodation, the youth hostel in Walldürn.

We are already looking forward to the next outdoor lecture in March 2025!

During the two-week surveying project, we were closely connected with nature, experienced fascinating encounters with various animals and exchanged cultural experiences with the Brazilian students.

IVP taught me how important it is to combine different areas of surveying in order to create complex products such as site plans, digital terrain models and small-scale monitoring (structural monitoring). However, in addition to the technical work, the focus was clearly on having fun. We had the opportunity to develop freely and were able to try out a wide variety of devices and systems to achieve our goals. We grew closer as a group and had a lot of fun together.

The project was particularly enriched by the support of our Brazilian fellow students from Curitiba. The regular exchange enabled us to learn more about their culture and broaden our own horizons. The highlight of the two-week excursion was undoubtedly the fantastic barbecue evening, where we not only enjoyed delicious food but also got to know Brazilian food culture better.

Overall, the excursion was a complete success for me. Not only did I learn more about the subject, but I also made new international friends who will continue to enrich my life.

Publish date: 15. April 2024 By Jörg Hepperle ()