Hybrid Moments Projektion des 3D-Modells

Hybrid Moments

Performative working day of Sense Trans Techno with the survey department of the HFT Stuttgart and Stadtlücken e.V.

In the beginning there is the empty space. All that is fixed is X, Y and Z. We stick to distinctive points. The connection of the points gives the body. The connection of the bodies results in space. Virtual and real are superimposed. Hybrid space is for everyone.

"Hybrid moments" with the help of surveying technology: Jörg Hepperle (Surveying / HFT Stuttgart), together with Stadtlücken e.V. and Sense Trans Techno, has transformed the Paulinenbrücke on Österreichischer Platz into a performance space. From selective measurements and scans a digital model of the square was created, which was the basis for an audiovisual performance of "the Fritzgerald" synthesizer sounds and interview fragments by Jörg Hepperle. With the help of a CAD program and projectors, the environment and the digital image were overlaid and synchronized in places. The resulting "hybrid moments" were implemented with the help of "Trans Media Bricks" and the "New Media Stage", tools for cultural workers designed by Sense Trans Techno.

A short video of the performative working day can be found on Youtube.

Concept and realisation: Sense Trans Techno (Manuel Hottmann and Jan Cafuk) photos and videos: Tamara Wirth In collaboration with Stadtlücken e.V. and the Stuttgart University of Applied Sciences - Surveying

Publish date: 01. June 2019