Übergabe des Harbert-Buchpreises 2022 an Herrn Hiller

Congratulations on the top results!

Handover of the Harbert Book Prize

Jonathan Hiller was awarded the Harbert Book Prize as the best graduate in the Surveying and Geoinformatics course.

During his studies in the Bachelor of Surveying and Geoinformatics, Mr. Hiller consistently impressed with his outstanding performance. His bachelor thesis on the topic of "Investigation of high-precision, static GNSS point determinations", which involved the structural monitoring of a ship lock, was also awarded a top grade.

As the best graduate of the class of 2022 in the surveying and geoinformatics program, he was therefore awarded the prestigious Harbert -Buchpreis of the DVW.

Susanne Krüger and Markus Muhler from DVW Baden-Württemberg awarded Mr. Hiller with the prize together with the Dean of Studies Prof. Dr. Hardy Lehmkühler and celebrated the success afterwards at a joint lunch.

Publish date: 04. July 2022 By Jörg Hepperle ()