Vermessung und Geoinformatik Auswertung Geoinformationssystem (GIS)

This was GIS-Day 2020!

The GIS Day is an annual, worldwide event around the technology of geographic information systems (GIS).

It is an initiative that aims to bring the diverse applications of GIS to a broad public.

Mr. Luna Arevalo, student in the master course Photogrammetry and Geoinformatics organized on Friday 27.11.2020 a - digital - GIS Day at the HFT Stuttgart.

"We hope it was fun for everyone to learn how to exchange spatial information."

Objectives in this exercise with the Operation Dashboard for ArcGIS:

  • share local, spatial information as web maps
  • Configuration of Web Maps to be displayed in a dashboard template
  • Display results from the queries

The GIS Day startet with an explanation of the event and the exercise to be performed. After 2 hours performing the exercise and solving individual problems, the resulting dashboards of all participants have been presented. At the end there was a votation of the best application of the operation dashboard. Two winners Andrea Ramirez and Olamide Aladetuyi have been awarded with HFT mugs.


Publish date: 27. November 2020