Im "Gänsemarsch" werden Studierende zur 1. Corona-Übung geführt

First measurement exercise under COVID-19 conditions started at the HFT

one by one to the presence exercise

Under strict conditions and with special permission from the rector, the first "COVID-19 Exercise" started on 4.6.2020 at the HFT Stuttgart.

With face mask and in single file the first students of the study course Surveying and Geoinformatics were guided by Prof. Dr. Eberhard Gülch to the measurement exercise in stereo photogrammetry. Due to the special hardware and software, it was necessary to perform the exercise in the Laboratory for Interpretation and Measurement of Imaging Sensors (LIMES), which was necessary for the course of studies.

This successful exercise on stereo evaluation devices was the start for further face-to-face exercises in the field of surveying. In June and July, a number of further outdoor exercises, which are indispensable for the study courses, will be carried out with considerable effort.

In order to comply with distance and hygiene rules, equipment is disinfected, disinfectants are provided for our students, precautions are taken to maintain minimum distances, face masks are prescribed and exercises are staggered over time, which of course dramatically increases the number of staff required.

The flexibility of our students, our colleagues and the intensive organisational preparation continue to enable a practice-oriented and excellent quality of teaching in the field of surveying, even during the drastic restrictions caused by the pandemic.

Publish date: 19. June 2020