Exkursion des Studienbereichs Vermessung zu MTS - Maschinensteuerung am Bagger

BIM to touch

Visit to a "digital construction site" at the company MTS Schrode AG in Hayingen

As part of the seminar week "Digital Construction Site" of the semester group surveying and geoinformatics in the 7th semester, 15 students visited the company MTS Schrode AG in Hayingen with their professors. In addition to a company tour, a visit to a BIM construction site was on the agenda.

In the winter semester 2021/22, after 3 semesters of online lectures, there was finally a classroom event again. At the beginning of the 7th semester in the course of studies in surveying and geoinformatics, there was the offer to attend the module "Digital Building Site" as part of the overall module "Selected Chapters of Geomatics". In addition to theoretical lectures on the subject of BIM (Building Information Modelling), some practical experiments and exercises were also carried out. The students were able to take action themselves and, for example, determine inclination movements on an excavator using sensors. As a conclusion of this week, a company visit to the Swabian Alb at the company MTS Schrode AG was planned.


After a short welcome by the lecturer Dr. Alexander Beetz and the managing director Rainer Schrode, there were three interesting stations for the students to see. In addition to the tour of a BIM construction site in Hayingen, the students were allowed to get active themselves. With a GNSS construction site rover, fictitious points were measured and staking out for an excavation pit was carried out. The highlight of the day: the students and also the professors were allowed to try out the machine control in a real excavator themselves.

After a joint lunch, the final presentations of the week were given in the plenum. The day ended with a short guided tour of the company premises.

Special thanks go to the lecturer Dr. Alexander Beetz and Prof. Dr. Gerrit Austen, who made this interesting and instructive event possible in presence.

Publish date: 11. October 2021 By Luisa Stang und Theresa Stroppel ()