The lab consists of a server room with 6 Dell Poweredge R410 virtualization servers, each with 12 cores and 48 GB RAM, which are operated outside the HFT network for security reasons. The servers can be used from any common PC pool of the HFT via a firewall, so that a separate student workspace for this laboratory is not necessary. The servers are equipped with different virtualization software platforms, one of which provides the services required for operation in the laboratory.

The following lectures with corresponding exercises are held in the Virtualized Systems Lab:

  • Distributed systems (computer science/business informatics/information logistics)
  • Networks (Computer Science/Information Logistics)
  • Internet programming (computer science)
  • IT infrastructure management (computer science/business informatics)

Within the scope of the Business Informatics Project 2, the laboratory is used for the rapid rollout of test environments and for the execution of automated tests. Virtualized environments can also be used flexibly and at short notice for final theses.

The laboratory computers are used for simulation calculations within the scope of a cooperation project with the University of Cologne and the Cologne University of Applied Sciences, which develops quality analyses for public transport timetables. In addition, BI solutions will be demonstrated there in comparison within the framework of an industry event at the HFT.

Contact person

Gero Lückemeyer
Gero Lückemeyer +49 711 8926 2519