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LIDA is the only university pool at the university. Since many companies use Unix as a platform in the server sector, it is important to train students in this field, especially since their previous education often only taught them Windows, which greatly limits their understanding of the concepts of operating systems. Large database systems and servers for Internet applications typically run under unix-like systems. Linux has also become much more popular among students; they often use it on their personal notebooks.

The goal of the Linux and Data Technologies Laboratory is to give students of different courses of study a practical understanding of the development and use of software in the areas of databases and Internet technologies in a Unix environment.

The equipment currently consists of an AMD Opteron 16-core processor as the server, 33 thin clients (Sun Ray) and four Personal Digital Assistants, with which mobile applications can be tested. 38 computer workstations and 5 laptop workstations are available at LIDA. In the adjoining adjoining room there are another 20 laptop workstations. In order to be able to follow the lectures better, large screens were installed for the back rows in LIDA and also in the adjoining room. In addition to various Unix versions (Solaris, Linux), Windows can also be used in the laboratory via a VMware ESX server. In addition to the programming languages Java, C and C++, the installed software includes the database systems MySQL and DB2, numerous Unix utilities, the parser generators Yacc and Bison, the Open Office Suite, LateX, the scripting language Perl and the Apache web server. For software development with Java the development environment Netbeans is installed.

The laboratory is mainly used by students of computer science, business informatics, mathematics and software technology. Project and laboratory work on the topics of databases, data warehousing, Internet technologies, e-commerce, software engineering and operating systems is carried out there. The laboratory is also used for Bachelor and Master theses.


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