Room 2/433

The Distributed Information Systems Laboratory (LVIS) provides an environment to create various distribution and integration scenarios of software systems. In addition, a large number of different tools for all areas of software engineering are installed in the laboratory. With this equipment, the LVIS complements the installations with standard development tools in the rooms of the computer center.

The current main areas of work are:

  • Building complex application architectures
  • Use of various middleware solutions
  • Model-Driven Software Development
  • Quality assurance in software development

The laboratory is mainly used by students of Computer Science (Bachelor), Business Informatics (Bachelor) and Software Technology (Master). With its 28 workstations it is possible to carry out exercises for a complete semester group. Internships and lab work are offered in the fields of middleware technology, enterprise application integration, software engineering, systems design and workflow management systems. The laboratory is also used for Bachelor and Master theses.