Our Bachelor students are not thrown into the cold water! Here at the HFT you have the opportunity to attend bridge courses in mathematics in preparation for your studies. In addition, the HFT has a special feature in the area of the introductory phase of studies, which is not available in this form at other universities: the preparation week!

A compact week before the start of lectures ensures a pleasant and safe start to the Bachelor's programme. The preparatory week focuses on the following three main aspects:

  • getting to know the university as well as getting to know the other students. Contacts with fellow students can be established even before the actual start of the course. Teachers and important internal institutions also introduce themselves.
  • the project task: in small groups, the first-year students deal with a project task related to their degree programme. In addition to professional competence, the ability to work in a team, research work as well as presentation and visualization of the results are promoted.
  • Learning to learn: Do you know what type of learner you are? In a so-called learning type analysis the participants have the opportunity to learn more about their own learning during the preparation week. Among other things, the students deal with the topic "learning techniques and strategies".

Throughout the week, students are supported and accompanied by qualified trainers.