We invent opportunities to meet with the university public or an interested professional audience. There is room for personal encounters and professional or interdisciplinary food for thought. The premises of the HFT provide the perfect setting for this. A selection of our formats is listed below.



Entrepreneur Forum

The Entrepreneur Advisory Board of the construction-related courses of study organises the so-called Entrepreneur Forum every two years together with the Dean's Office of the Faculty of Civil Engineering, Building Physics and Economics. The aim is to provide students with orientation and new impulses for their personal and professional development. The economy in the construction sector has been running well for years. Nevertheless, individual students naturally ask themselves many questions regarding their own personal development:

How do I find out exactly what area I want to work in?

At which company do I apply for a position as a working student or Bachelor's student?

Which job suits my personality best?

Should I take another Master's degree and if so, which one and at what time?

Each time, the core of the event consists of the field reports of HFT graduates who reported on their career entry or, in some cases, on their long career paths. In the previous Entrepreneur Forums, the speakers provided insights into their respective careers in a very individual way.

Eine Gruppe auf einer Bühne sitzend
Entrepreneur advisory board and dean's office
Infrastructure Day

In October 2019 the third Infrastructure Day took place in the Infrastructure Management course. This year, five top-class speakers were on hand to answer questions on the topic of electromobility - effects on the infrastructure. Among others the Minister of Transport Winfried Herrmann. However, Mr. Daniel Deparis of Daimler Mobility, Dr. Martin Konermann of Netze BW GmbH, Dr. Florian Nägele of McKinsey & Company and Dr. Burkhard Seizer of Drees & Sommer also attended.

Impressionen zum Tag der Infrastruktur
Infrastructure Management
Civil Engineer Day

The Civil Engineers' Day is an event of the degree course Civil Engineering, where every two years experts from the practice, friends and sponsors of the university, students and graduates meet to deal with current topics in civil engineering. The Business Advisory Board of Faculty B is personally involved in the content of the event and supports it together with the Association of Friends of the HFT.

In November 2019 the event took place under the motto "Urban Living - Our Challenges in Construction".

Eine Veranstaltung mit Stehtischen im Lichthof
Civil Engineering