Prospective students as well as students of civil engineering are offered both general and subject-related study guidance. The advice is confidential and independent. Depending on the individual situation and need for advice, our departmental student advisory service offers the following services:

Advising students on the start of their studies:

  • Information on the course of studies (SPO)
  • Orientation and support during the introductory phase
  • advice on soft skills, such as basic study skills, academic life
  • Support programme Semester 1+ for students with "starting difficulties
  • Initial consultation for university changers

Advising students on the provision of services:

  • Individual course planning and support
  • Examination claim/loss Examination claim
  • Endangering the standard period of study
  • "hardship cases"
  • Test anxiety
  • Correct learning & planning

Advising students on personal and social issues:

  • "Studienzweifler" - Alternatives to studies / career prospects
  • Personal and social problem
  • Studying with a child or studying with a relative in need of care
  • Studying with a handicap
  • Accompaniment and support of refugee students
  • Referral to mental health facilities