In recent years, the energy turnaround has also brought the transport sector into focus, as it accounts for about 30% of Germany's total energy consumption. Efficient transport and innovative mobility concepts must therefore be created and studied so that an energy system transformation is also possible for the transport sector. With this in mind, the Infrastructure Management (ISM) course of study has already addressed this subject area in addition to innovative teaching content and cooperation with companies in the form of bachelor's and master's theses. The research project "TrottiElec: E-ultra-light vehicles as a key element of closed road chains" in cooperation with the Esslingen University of Applied Sciences, which was successfully completed in March 2018, also focused on efficient and resource-saving locomotion. It was investigated whether an electrified folding scooter - called TrottiElec - contributes to shifting the kilometres travelled with CO2-intensive means of transport to less CO2-emitting means of transport such as local public transport or to avoiding the use of CO2-intensive means of transport. Laboratory description Students should be given the opportunity to actively participate in the design of future mobility concepts.

Electric micro-vehicles have great potential to help shape the urban traffic turnaround. Through research projects in the course of studies with micro electric vehicles, students learn on the one hand about the electrical and mechanical functions of an electric vehicle, and on the other hand they can carry out traffic-scientific investigations using fleet tests, for example. Here, contents on the procedure of traffic surveys can be taught and their practical implementation with project management tools can be applied in an interdisciplinary way.

Devices and equipment

  • Electrified folding scooters from the "TrottiElec" research project
  • Electrified folding scooters of the brands Prophete, Moovi and Citybug
  • One hoverboard and one monowheel (for trial and test purposes only)
  • Normal folding rollers
  • Tools and technical know-how about the scooters and maintenance assistance
  • GPS Tracker
  • GoPros




Contact person

Markus Schmidt
Markus Schmidt markus.schmidt@hft-stuttgart.de +49 711 8926 2778